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Wedding Contract
Wedding centerpieces. Wedding Planning
Wedding Invitation and candles. Wedding Planning
K&E Bridal Consultants will provide professional contracting of a caterer, DJ and florist, selection
of favor and centerpieces the rehearsal dinner, and shopping services for your upcoming wedding.
I will also hire other wedding professionals as needed, and will obtain several quotes and your
approval before I contract their work.
     All purchases made through this office will be billed to you at retail prices, plus tax. No purchase
shall be made without your prior, written authorization plus receipt of a minimum deposit of  20% of
the retail price. The balance, plus delivery charges, will be due immediately upon delivery.
     A non refundable retainer fee of $950 shall be paid upon this signature of this agreement. This amount will be deducted from the final balance.
     In the event that plans are completed but no services are contracted or purchases have been
 made, the complete $950 fee will be retained by this office in payment for services. If the services
 provided to that point total less than $950, the amount applicable to the final balance due will be
    Any services required in excess of those detailed above will be charged to you at a predetermined
hourly rate. Please sign this letter of agreement and return the original, along with the retainer
fee to this office.
    I look forward to hearing from you, and know that our working relationship will produce a truly
memorable event.
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